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Aug 24
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Pixie graces the cover of the new issue of Fabulous magazine, out with The Sun in newsstands today. If you have scans of the magazine, feel free to send me an email and I’ll share them on the site and you will be credited.

You can watch a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot below.

Aug 16
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Pixie is on the cover of issue 18 of Fault magazine, out now. I’ve added some digital scans from the magazine. She looks stunning in the photos. Check them out below.

Mar 13
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Pixie covers the fashion mag issue of We Love Pop, it’s on sale now. Thanks to Jason for the scans.

Jan 25
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You may remember that I uploaded some scans from the Chinese Modern Music Field magazine in which Pixie was featured. Now you can read the full interview with her in English version, translated by Kelly.

Adventure in Pixie’s Wonderland

Are Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston your music idols?
Yes, I grew up listening to their songs. They had great influence on me. I love those singers with charming voices.

Who is your favorite singer?
Otis Redding.

Whose songs do you listen to a lot recently?
Like what I just said, I really love Otis Redding and his albums express a lot about himself. I listen to him very often and I love every song of his. His voice’s really charming. I listen to These Arms of Mine a lot these days. I really love him very much. If you mean recently, I love listening to Lorde’s Royals. (She is quite popular these days and very young.) She is only 16.

What kind of TV shows would you like to watch when you’re not working?
Since a very young age, every day I wake up in the morning lying in my bed or having my breakfast, at the mean time I’d love to turn the TV on and watch Friends. I’ve watched it many times but still find it interesting.

You once referred you would like to travel in Asia in an interview?
I hope so. I love Asia. It’s one of my favorite tour destinations and I’d really love to travel here. I hope after releasing this album, people here will like me through it.

What do you usually do to relax?
I often go to play with my friends, eat outside together or have a party. I also love going to a hot spring bath and doing a massage. Actually I just did one yesterday (massage). The way they do massage is quite different here and with a reasonable price. Yes, I love massage.

Whose concert did you see recently and found yourself enjoyed it very much?
Recently I went to… I can’t quite remember, let me think, I’ve seen a loads of that but recently whose did I see? (So how about which is the best concert you’ve ever seen?) The best concert I’ve ever seen is Stevie Wonder’s concert. It was really good. I also remember when I was 15 I went to see Maria Carey’s concert in New Jersey, just not long before I also went to Beyoncé’s concert, which was great too. Recently I saw one of a new band’s, they’re really young, with three members, the oldest one only 18, and others only 14 and 15… They are so young. I was thinking they’d sing something popular but it turned out to be nothing like that. I saw them playing guitar and saw their live performance. It was really amazing and I guess that’s a really good one I saw recently.

You said you enjoy doing live shows. Can you share some interesting details on stage with us?
When I started performing at clubs every late night, we drove to north England to do some night shows. For several times when I was performing, the music suddenly stopped so I was left on the stage to entertain the audience. And the only thing I could think of was telling jokes, just like a talk show, so we can make it feels easier and actually it was quite fun.

You once did a collaboration with Korean singers G-Dragon. Do you personally like Asian pop music like K-Pop?
Yeah. I like it very much. When I first came to Asia I was quite obsessed with it. I think Asian pop music culture is really great and also quite different from the music I’m familiar with. When I got the chance to collaborate with Bigbang, I thought it was really great. We also met in Japan after that. They are really nice.

Do you know anything about Chinese pop music?
Not really but that’s what I’m going to do next. I need some time to know it better. Can you recommend some Chinese artist? I will search it later. (We recommend ZHANG Huimei.) How to spell her nick name? A-Mei? Good, I will web search her.

You released your first album at the age of 18 and the second one at 20. What do the two albums mean to you?
Some of the songs of my first album was recorded when I was 14. I spent 4 years on that album. Between 14 and 18, I experienced a lot of things. So, to me, it shows many different aspects of myself. The last song of my second album was completed by 20 or 21. I can’t quite remenmber but I did many interesting new tries during that time and even my appearance changed a lot. I also tried some more characteristic hair styles to express myself more. It’s a mishmash. But this one is completely about expressing myself. It’s still a modern album but more mixed with 60’s vibes. I think this album expresses more of myself than the first one.

Your third album is more of Motown style?
Yes, I was inspired from it. This is a new try, very fresh. It’s definitely influenced by that kind of music.

Where does your writing inspirations come from?
I enjoy the process of writing and recording songs. At first I got nervous because I need to express my minds and see if people would accept them. When I finally got into there, I got more and more devoted to it and enjoyed it so much. Till now, I’ve been writing songs for 9 years.

Do you write about your personal experiences?
Yes, of course. Like what I used to said, I love soul music, which is full of emotions and some is really sad. So some of the songs in this album are very emotional but still there are a few interesting ones. But in general this album is definitely full of emotions.

This alum is sending out the message of feminism but also happiness and full of imaginations. What power are you trying to show by combining both of them?
I think it’s good to send out this message because ‘girl power’ makes people feel more delightful.

Doing live shows and recording in a studio, which form do you find yourself might be less confident about?
I fear neither of them. Because I’m doing what I love and I find it comfortable.

When you are performing live shows, would you like singing or dancing better?
I love dancing. (Or does that depend on the song you are singing?) If it’s an up-beat song I prefer dancing. I’d love to dance when it’s a song with a music video, which is more interesting. But when it is a live concert, then I need to sing more. Actually you can hear more vocal in this album. But I prefer standing there and singing. I’m enthusiastic about singing.

The last two album have many dance-pops and ballads with beautiful melodies. Will your third album continue this style?
Like what I said, the style of this album is consistent, not a mishmash of different music styles. There are fast and slow songs in there, which expresses a lot about myself and uses more of my voice.

When is your third album to be released?
At the beginning of the next year.

Do you know the exact time?
I don’t know the exact time. I suppose it’s during the Christmas, the first week of January.

When you released your first album, were you planning some certain height of your career?
I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I hope more people will like this one. I love doing lives and I also want to perform and travel in different places so that more people can hear me sing.

Jan 21
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Pixie is featured in the January 2014 issue of FHM China magazine. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more pictures soon.

Jan 10
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I’ve added scans from the February issue of Bliss magazine. Credit goes to Sam from @UKPixieLott. According to the article, the “Nasty” single will be out on March 10th. The photos, which are featured in the magazine, are from the “Pixie Lott” album shoot, taken by Simon Emmett.

Jan 9
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Pixie is the cover girl of the latest issue of Bliss, out on newsstands now. If you buy the magazine, please send scans to pixiewebdotorg@gmail.com.

Dec 12
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I’ve uploaded scans from the latest issue of FIASCO magazine which is covered by Pixie. Credit goes to @pixiefan_jason. Many thanks buddy once again for the photos. Cats, check out the pictures below.

Dec 6
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Pixie is featured in the issue 579 of the Chinese Modern Music Field magazine. Thanks to my friend @MRMacRodriguez for the scans. Check them out below.

Nov 14
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Pixie Lott has enjoyed success in the UK achieving a number one single and double platinum album sales, but it’s not enough for the popstar.

The 22-year-old, who appear on the next issue of Fiasco magazine, wants to crack America and play Madison Square Gardens like music legends before her.

In the accompanying interview she said: ‘The goal is to release this album in America definitely.’

She then added: ‘America is massive but I’m up for touring and seeing everywhere. I haven’t released there at all and (want to) play shows at Madison Square Garden. You gotta go for it!’

The singer has just finished filming her the new video for her next single which has surfaced online and the track itself is said to be called ‘Nasty’.

She tweeted after the shoot on Thursday: ‘Ahhhh loved today! Thank you sooo much everyone for all your hard work and hours :O!!! Can’t wait to see it #excited #ahhh.”

Talking to Fiasco she explains her as-yet-untitled third studio album, expected to follow in 2014, sees her going in a slightly different direction than her first two records.

She said: ‘My previous albums have been a mishmash but this is completely all that Motown sound and it gives me the opportunity to sing more, which is great’

And the Pixie confesses her new musical offering is very close to her heart.

She said: ‘My favourite songs are always ballads, I love singing them, listening to them. There’s one song that’s really personal.

‘My Nan passed away last year and I wrote about her, I’m going to be crying my eyes out every time I sing it.’

Her new single ‘Nasty’ was originally recorded by Christina Aguilera as a duet with Cee Lo Green for her Burlesque movie though was never officially released.

‘It’d be quite cool to get another No.1,’ pixie added. ‘It would be cool if that happened again but I don’t want to put pressure on myself.

But despite her ambition Pixie insists she doesn’t have a life plan. ‘Nah, I don’t have a plan like that. I just know what I want to achieve – to go for it until I can’t any more.’

Lott’s previous LP Young Foolish Happy peaked at number 18 in the UK in 2011 and spawned the number one single ‘All About Tonight’ and top ten hits ‘What Do You Take Me For?’ and ‘Kiss The Stars’.

Mail Online

Jun 9
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I’ve added a scan from the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World issue to the gallery. As I posted before, Pixie is the 7th sexiest woman in the world in 2013, according to the readers of FHM.

Jan 18
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Pixie is on the cover of Madame Figaro China’s February issue. I’ve added the photoshoot to the gallery. Check out these fabulous pictures of her below.

Mar 10
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Pixie is on the cover of ELLE Girl Japan’s April issue, out on Monday. If you have scans from the magazine, please send them to pixiewebdotorg@gmail.com.