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Jun 1
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Pixie Lott had better hope the acting jobs keep coming – as the music thing has taken a bit of a bad turn.

The singer has drifted into relative obscurity since releasing second album Young Foolish Happy in 2011.

Now her label, Mercury, have postponed her third album because bosses think it’s not up to scratch.

Pixie’s currently starring as a holiday camp entertainer in Beeb TV drama Inspector George Gently.

It might be good practice.

The Sun

UPDATE: It’s not true. Pixie’s album is still on its way, confirmed by Mercury Records.

Mar 27
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Pixie Lott joins the classic Sixties drama series Inspector George Gently next month when they start filming their second feature-length film on location in Northumberland for BBC One.

Inspector George Gently’s producer Matthew Bird says: “We were casting the second film of the new series of Inspector George Gently and were looking for someone to play Megan, an entertainer at the Blue Bird Holiday Camp in 1969. We were looking for an actress that could act, sing and dance and then I saw Pixie acting so brilliantly with Rowan Atkinson in their performance of Goodness Gracious Me (filmed for the NHS Organ Donation ‘From The Heart’ campaign). It was a brilliant remake of the classic Sixties song performed by Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers – and that was it! Pixie was very excited about joining the cast and we are delighted that Pixie is to make her TV acting debut in Inspector George Gently – we know she will bring something very special to the role.”

Pixie Lott says: “I love the fact that Inspector George Gently is a period drama set in the Sixties and I can’t wait to play the role of Megan. It will be great to be filming in the North East, and getting to play a role that gives me a real feel for the period.”

Inspector George Gently has become an audience winner and is renowned as a series that lovingly recreates the Sixties in perfect, nostalgic detail – starring Martin Shaw as Gently and Lee Ingleby as his sergeant Bacchus, they make the perfect police partnership, full of warmth, humour and attack.

The second film, written by Jess Williams, takes Gently and Bacchus to a family holiday camp to investigate staff and holidaymakers, when the body of one of the entertainers is washed up nearby. The colourful inmates of the holiday camp, from the flamboyant owner and his sister, to the chalet girls, performers, lifeguards and guests, throw the investigation sideways as Gently and Bacchus uncover a story of jealousy, ambition and the dark underbelly of the permissive society.

Inspector George Gently VII is filmed on location in Durham and the North East.


Mar 15
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Pixie Lott has revealed that her third album will feature a new turn in her music; it will have a Motown style to it and now the British star has revealed that she would love to duet with Bruno Mars.

Pixie seems to be turning her back on the her more catchy pop tracks, in favour of a more old school vibe.

On Wednesday night (13 March) the ‘All About Tonight’ star attended the Beat Party at the French Connection store on Oxford Street. Speaking at the Panasonic Technics Shop, she told Bang Showbiz: “I’ve just come from the studio just now, I’ve been working on it every day.

“It’s more like a soul-y Motown vibe, definitely a departure from my last album. I’m excited, it’s my kind of stuff.”

The pretty singer disclosed that she wants to make a statement by not collaborating with as many stars as she had done on previous records, but admitted doing duet with soulful hunk Bruno Mars would be her dream.

Pixie said: “This time I don’t think I’m going to collaborate too much because I did it loads on my last album. Because it’s quite a new sound, I think it’ll make much more of a statement if I don’t do as many collaborations this time around.

“But I really love Bruno Mars at the moment, his voice is amazing!”


Feb 26
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Other than looking frickin’ AMAZING at London Fashion Week, Pixie Lott’s been off the music scene for a while… and it’s left a huge pop-shaped hole in our lives *sadface*

So when we had the chance to catch up with her as she launched the new BlackBerry Z10 recently, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get all the goss about her next album, fashion-y things and which celebs she wants to delete from her phone. Ooh, juicy stuff.

Yup, always ones to take the theme of the day and turn it into a slightly ridiculous game, we found out all the latest in the world of The Pixster, including:

1. Her new album’s gonna have a ‘souly vibe’ and it ‘won’t be too long’ ’til it’s out. She’s just making sure it’s all right and stuff. HAVE PATIENCE, PEOPLE.

2. We can’t expect a new fashion line anytime soon (sob), but she’s very much focusing on her new music (yay).

3. She’d delete George Shelley and Conor Maynard from her phone. Is the girl insane or just spoilt for choice? Hmm.

Check out our exclusive interview with Pixie below (note: contrary to the pic above, there weren’t actually 2 Pixies in the room at the same time. Unfortch.)


Feb 13
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What is Rowan Atkinson doing to Pixie Lott? All will be fully revealed if you tune into ITV’s From the Heart on Wednesday 13 February at 9pm.

This week, ITV is showcasing a campaign aims to raise awareness of organ donation and the NHS Organ Donor Register.

ITV News will be following the heart transplant team at Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire and a range of ITV shows, including From The Heart, will highlight the shortage of organ donors.

From The Heart is an hour of entertainment which will see a host of stars give their time for the cause.

The show will feature numerous musical and comedy treats; Rowan Atkinson will put his stamp on comedy song Goodness Gracious Me, originally recorded by Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren. He’ll be joined by Pixie Lott.

Actor Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones) will mimic Mick Jagger alongside comedians Paul Whitehouse (as Keith Richards) and Harry Enfield (as drummer Charlie Watts) as they perform their version of Heart of Stone.

Hugh Laurie, lately seen in medical drama House, will also take part in From The Heart, as will cast members from comedy series Outnumbered.

Performances on the night come from Jools Holland his 17 piece Rhythm and Blues orchestra, McFly and Alexandra Burke. The X Factor winner adds a personal touch as her mother Melissa Bell has waited four years for a kidney transplant.

Dermot O’Leary hosts From The Heart, which will also feature personal stories of those who are on the waiting list.


Feb 1
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Whose advice would you seek if your boyfriend had cheated on you? Yup. That’s right, Pixie Lott. The ‘Boys & Girls’ singer has offered some advice for Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards after boyfriend Zayn Malik apparently cheated on her.

Malik was caught with Australian waitress Courtney Webb at his home in London at the end of January, despite being in a relationship with X Factor winner and girlband star Perrie Edwards. Now, Pixie Lott has revealed her take on the situation.

“No way would I stand by my man if he did that,” she tells The Daily Mail. “I’ve never been in that position, but it’s terrible. Girls should stand up for themselves. They don’t deserve to be treated like that – they can find a man who wouldn’t do that to them.

“If I was in that situation I wouldn’t stand for it.

“I feel so sorry for Perrie. She’s a lovely girl. I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s so pretty,” Lott added. “It’s a very sad situation.”

Pixie Lott has reacted to the situation with a more level head than fans of One Direction, who promptly bombarded the waitress involved in the situation with death threats.

One fan Tweeted: “Courtney Webb… we will find you and kill you. Sincerely Directioners.”

Another posted: “You are a freaking idiot if you believe that Zayn cheated on Perrie. I will personally haunt you in your sleep and maybe kill you.”


Feb 1
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They have been dating for a more than two years but Pixie Lott has revealed she is not yet ready to tie the knot with dashing lover Oliver Cheshire just yet – as she slipped into a little white dress.

Milk lover Pixie stunned in the all white Camilla and Marc mini-dress, certainly not a hint to her beau about getting wed, but simply because she was launching a new white mobile phone.

And the 22-year-old revealed to MailOnline that she had much more important things on her mind, including planning her sister’s hen do and concentrating on her new album, which will have a distinctive Motown vibe.

Pixie was at Phones 4u on Thursday morning to unveil the brand new BlackBerry Z10, with Phones 4u offering it in white before anyone else.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline the pint-sized pop princess revealed her sister got engaged on a family holiday over the New Year period.

‘It was a really good way to go into the new year because everyone was really happy. She got engaged while we were away and we were skiing so it just made it really lovely, everyone was really happy.

‘I’ve been made maid of honour I’ve been told, which is quite a task because I’m not the most organised of people. I’ve got to organise the hen night and stuff so I’ll get a bit of help off people like my Mum and stuff.

‘It’s going to be so much fun, I can’t wait just to have a wedding in the close family. It’s going to be fun.’

But the Kiss The Stars singer certainly isn’t in any hurry to tie the knot herself, telling MailOnline: ‘I think it’s too early yet. I still feel quite young to do that kind of stuff. But definitely at the moment all the focus is on my sister and her wedding.

‘They’re just starting to get a house together and I can’t wait for her to have babies.’

Lott was busy on Thursday morning promoting the new Blackberry device, dressed in head to toe white to coincide with the colour of the phone.

She even wore a white bow around her locks and complimented it with a white ring to ensure she was in keeping with the theme.

And she admitted she couldn’t wait to try out the new smartphone after being one of the first to test it out.

But for the petite singer her life at the moment is about creating music and she’s been busy in the studio over the last few weeks.

The star revealed album number three is more of a Motown vibe.

‘It’s exciting so the whole album’s going to be more that kind of style which is my favourite so I’m very excited to release some stuff from it. It’s really fun, I’m writing pretty much every day just to get it done so it will be out this year.

‘I don’t know if they’ll be surprised because they know that’s the kind of stuff that I love and I’ve kind of hinted at in the past so I want the whole thing to just sound that way. So I don’t think they’ll be surprised and I think it will sound more suited to me. I think hopefully they’ll just enjoy it,’ the blonde star added.

Pixie lives in Brentwood and has links to a few of the TOWIE stars thanks to her brother’s friendship with them.

But when asked if she would ever go down that route herself, she shook her head, before commenting: ‘My brother’s friends with a couple of people from the show and it’s just a great opportunity for them to have a great time and earn some money, so if you wanted to do proper serious singing or acting I don’t think you could go there.’

The singer, meanwhile, has been busy with her philanthropy work when she’s not been concentrating on her new music, even taking a trip to Zambia for Comic Relief in December.

Speaking of the trip she added to the MailOnline: ‘I went just before Christmas in December and basically I went and visited all the slums to see the work Comic Relief is doing and it was amazing.

‘Everyone there is just so thankful and grateful. We just saw the difference it makes, you know, when people donate money so it was really good for me to see with my own eyes.’

Mail Online

Jan 6
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Her name matches her character. British songstress Pixie Lott is sweet and young-at-heart, the kind of girl you fall in love with the minute she smiles or giggles.

The 21-year-old starlet stepped into showbiz in 2009 with her debut album Turn It Up. Her soulful, raspy voice flavours her pop tunes uniquely. Her first single Mama Do went straight to the top of UK singles chart after it was released. Her second album, Young Foolish Happy, was launched a year ago and features a single we get to hear frequently in clubs around the city – sassy dance number Kiss The Stars.

After showcasing in other countries around this region, the pop star made her first stop in Bangkok earlier this month as a special performer for Siam Paragon’s 7th Anniversary Party.

When did you realise you had a passion for singing?
From a really young age, I’ve always been singing. I just love music.

Is that why you went straight to music school?
Yes, when I heard there was a school you can go to where you don’t have much work to do, just dance and sing, I was like, “I have to go there.”

You are now working on your third studio album. How is it going?
Yes, it’s going good. We’ve got more than half of it done. We’re going to finish it by the end of 2012. It’s going to be more of the Motown, soulful sound. The whole album is going to be more like that. I’m excited it’s going to be my third album, now that I’m 21.

Is it more like your hit single Cry Me Out from your debut album?
Yes, it’s going to be more that way.

Why Motown and who’s your favourite singer?
It’s my favourite. I like most of Motown stuff. I love Otis Redding, Candi Staton, Aretha Franklin, and loads of people.

You also write your own songs. If you could claim a song as your own, which would that be?
That’s difficult. Well, I love Stevie Wonder, so maybe I would choose his song Lately. That’s my favourite.

You are also a fashion lover. You look fashionable today, especially your accessories.
These are the accessories I designed for a brand called Rock N’ Rose. There are a lot of cattish, floral designs. It just came out recently and sells online, so it can be shipped anywhere.

Who is your number-one fashion designer?
Chanel. Very amazing and classic.

Two years ago, you toured with Rihanna. What’s she like?
She’s very nice, very friendly. I like her new song Diamonds. She performed this song on The X Factor UK few days ago. She performed it as a ballad, and she really acted it. She’s just amazing.

Now that you mention The X Factor, you have been a guest judge on the show. What do you think about this type of singing competition?
It’s crazy in the UK. Most of the singers in the chart have come from The X Factor. It’s hard for new acts to break through at the moment. It’s definitely taking over. But, it’s crazy because this last show the rating has been going down so much compared to the previous years. I’m not sure why. Maybe it becomes predictable, people know how it works and the judges say the same things. But, even though the rating is going down, but I’m pretty sure it will be among the most-watched shows. They will always be around.

Bangkok Post

Dec 31
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English pop star Pixie Lott recently wrote a song for SNSD.

According to SM Entertainment on December 31, Pixie wrote “Baby Maybe,” which will be included in SNSD’s fourth EP I Got A Boy.

The song is about a girl who is in love. Bright melodies and the lyrics written by Sooyoung, Yuri, and Seohyun will impress many people.

Pixie is well known in Korea thanks to the song “Mama Do,” which Lee Hi sang on SBS’s K-pop Star. She also joined GD & TOP for “Dancing On My Own.”

Besides Pixie, renowned songwriters, including, Dsign Music, Joe Belmaati, Yoo Young Jin, and Kenzie from in and outside of the country worked for SNSD.

The title song “I Got A Boy” is an electronic dance song with addictive melodies. The lyrics are about girls having a chat on their daily lives.

The new EP will be included with ten songs in total. Yuri and Seohyun wrote the lyrics for “XYZ” and Taeyeon and Tiffany sang duet “Glass Child.” The Korean version of the Japanese song “Boomerang” will be also included.

SNSD released a teaser video on December 31 on their official website, YouTube, SM Town, Twitter, and Naver prior to their EP release.


Dec 14
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Bangkok has an audience with a star this week as soulful British pop singer Pixie Lott is set to grace Parc Paragon for a mini-showcase for Siam Paragon’s seventh-anniversary party tonight.

Raspy and soul-voiced Victoria Louise “Pixie” Lott broke into the scene in 2009 with her No 1 hit “Mama Do” on the UK singles chart.

Her second single, “Boys and Girls”, also topped the charts in September the same year. Her debut album “Turn It Up” reached No 6 in Britain, spawned five consecutive Top 20 singles, and sold over a million copies. The follow-up, “Young Foolish Happy”, came out last year with “All About Tonight” entering the charts at No 1, making it her third UK chart-topping hit.

With the third album on the way, the 21-year-old songstress chatted with us about how obsessed she is with Motown music.

Have you enjoyed Bangkok so far?

This is my first time in Thailand. We just got in, so we haven’t done anything much. We had a Thai massage, went to a night market and did some shopping. Then we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. I love Thai food!

When are we going to hear the third album?

I’m writing at the moment in the studio, and I’ve got, like, half of it finished. I’m writing till the beginning of next year.

It will be Motown-esque and soulful, and it will be consistent throughout the whole album. My previous album came out with a bit of mixture of things, but this one will be a Motown-style pop album, which I’m very excited about. That’s my favourite style of music, and favourite to sing. It’s what I grew up listening to, so it makes sense.

Who do listen to?

A lot of big singers like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, as well as Motown music like Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding and all that.

Did you go to the US to get some Motown mojo?

I was actually in New York for six weeks writing recently, and we did a lot of the album there. But there are some great people in London too that I work with and I love. They did that sound really well, too.

You seem to like retro fashion style, too.

I love a lot of ’60s fashion and the classics. I like classic styles, but I also make it quirky with cat ears or something to make it different. I like Edie Sedgwick, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, too.

Have you chosen your producer yet?

There are a couple of producers, but instead of going around LA, which has tons there, I’m just going to work with a few to get that organic sound. I really don’t like to work with loads of people – just a few people that I love to work with.

Do you reveal your personal life in your music at all?

Yes, there’s always a bit of truth about yourself that comes out. How I feel, how I experience situations – they all come out in the songs.

So who was “Jack” on your first album?

Oh, I didn’t write that song, but I can tell you the history of that song. It’s the first song I ever recorded in America, when I was 15 or so. It was the song that got the record labels interested in me.

The guy who wrote the song wrote it with Marion Raven from M2M, who at the time was going out with a boy from another boy-group called Hanson. She really liked him, but then he split up with her and broke her heart. She wanted to write a song about it but didn’t want to make it obvious to the press that the boy was Zack Hanson, so she called him Jack instead.

Do you still want to collaborate with Beyonce and Rihanna?

Yes! I wouldn’t say no, because they’re all amazing. But it’s different every time people ask me because there are a lot of amazing people out there. Today I want to collaborate with someone with a different music style because that makes it fresher. I’d like to work with an indie band, or a guitar band like Kings of Leon or Coldplay.

There are a lot of good singers out there, and many have similar style to yours. Are you nervous?

I don’t really get the pressure, really, and I don’t know why, especially with this next album, which I think it will really be me. It will just be fun, I think.

I know there’s a lot of competition, because there are a lot of great acts out there. I’ll just stay true to myself, because everyone can bring out everything they want.

What about pressure over the next album?

I guess you’re always worried, because my last album had No 1 singles. You know that maybe you won’t hit that spot again, but all you can do is hope and try your best.

The Nation

Nov 25
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Pixie Lott’s next album will be Motown-themed.

The singer is due to release her third album next year and is experimenting with soulful pop music similar to 60s groups The Supremes and Jackson 5.

Pixie told new! magazine: “I’m making my album at the moment so I’m in the studio every day writing new songs. It has a bit of a vintage-soul sound reminiscent of Motown because that’s my favourite kind of music. We’re nearly finished so it’s definitely going to be out next year.”

As well as being hard at work on a new album, the singer, 21, has launched a jewellery line with online retailer Rock ‘N Rose and couldn’t be more excited about the venture.

She said: “I’ve been wearing their pieces for a while so I was really excited when they asked me to design a range. I wanted to make sure the whole collection reflected my own style and has a vintage feel. I named every piece after family members and friends. The Millie floral crown is named after my nan because the yellow roses and the lilies of the valley on the headband are her favourite flowers.”


Nov 9
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Label PR is set to launch Pixie Lott’s first collection with jewellery brand Rock ‘N Rose. The 23-piece collection, designed by Pixie, will feature oversized floral crowns, dainty rings and statement necklaces. Prices will range from £16-£65 and the collection will be available exclusively from the brand’s website from mid-November.

Pixie Lott said: “I have always been a huge fan of Rock ‘N Rose, so creating a collection for them was really exciting. I’m really looking forward to launching the collection, it’s my first foray in to jewellery design and it has been so much fun.”

DIARY Directory

Oct 24
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Beaming pop star Pixie Lott stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Our Boys and Girls — as she launches this year’s Poppy Appeal.

The singer, 21, kickstarts the annual Royal British Legion charity drive by headlining a free concert today in London’s Trafalgar Square.

But first Pixie paid a visit to London’s RAF Northolt to see forces’ families and was also treated to a demonstration by the Queen’s Colour Squadron RAF regiment.

The star, whose grandad was in the Royal Navy and great-grandad served in The Royal Marines Light Infantry, said: “The lads were all really welcoming and showed me all the kit they use in Afghanistan.

“What struck me the most was how young they all were. It’s amazing the selfless commitment — their bravery is beyond words. That’s why I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with our brave boys and girls.”

The free concert — which starts at midday — also features Alesha Dixon plus the Military Wives Choir and military bands. The official Poppy Appeal single, Landlocked, was also released yesterday.

The Sun

Oct 23
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For the first time in over two years Lionel Richie will make a return to the London stage on Sunday 28th & Monday 29th October. In celebration it can today be confirmed that two of the most talented British contemporary female vocalists, Pixie Lott and Rebecca Ferguson, will join him on stage at The O2 to perform a track each.

Pixie will join Lionel to sing ‘Angel’, a song they recorded together for Lionel’s latest album Tuskegee and Rebecca will duet on ‘Endless Love’. It has also been today confirmed that the critically acclaimed Rebecca will join Lionel in her home town of Liverpool on Saturday November 10th.

Lionel spoke earlier this month about returning to the UK, he said, “Being back on the road is amazing, the crowds have been fantastic and I am very excited about heading back to the UK”

Due to phenomenal demand extra seats have been released for all shows. Following London the tour will visit arenas around the country.

Crowds all over Europe have been wowed by Lionel over the last few weeks. The show delivers a mix of material from a 30 plus year career from the memorable early days of the Commodores’, to his latest hit album Tuskegee.


Sep 7
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Yesterday, Pixie attended Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and was seen leaving the after party at Mahiki nightclub.

You can read below a short interview with Pixie by Daily Mail.

Pixie Lott joined the party at Moschino on the arm of model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire.

The 21-year-old singer had come straight from a shoot for her new perfume, which will be released later this month.

‘My new perfume will have a self title, but the next one will be called something special,’ she said.

Speaking about her music career she revealed: ‘I have just started on my next album so that’s my focus. I have been doing lots of writing session, I can’t wait.

‘I’m going to New York in a couple of weeks to finish it off. It’s more of a souly motown thing so I am really excited about it.’

And there could even be some fashion collaborations in the pipelines for the blonde songstress who found fame with her best-selling Mamma Do single.

‘I have had a few fashion meetings lately but it’s too early to speak too soon. There are a few things in the pipeline I might be working on but my main focus will always be the music,’ she said.

As an avid fan of Moschino, Pixie will be attending the show in Fashion Week.

She said: ‘I am going to a couple of the shows next week. I love Moschino, I wear them all the time.

‘I was so excited to come down today and look at all the new stuff, I remember I went to the show in February and it was my favourite one, it’s always really classy and quirky at the same time.’

Pixie told MailOnline she was having a ‘really fun night out’ and ‘just loved’ her flirty outfit by Moschino.

Pixie and her boyfriend later carried on the party with friends at local haunt Mahiki, one of the star’s regular hangouts.

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