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- What character do you play?
I’m playing Megan Webb. She is one of the Bluebirds at the holiday camp. She has left her home, which was a strict environment to pursue her singing and dancing ambitions there. She meets some friends and then something dark happens in the camp which she gets involved in, leading to an unfortunate event.

- Is this your first television drama?
This is my TV drama debut. It has been really fun. I’ve learnt so much about how it all works, and a lot from the other actors and actresses in the cast. I had no idea how much detail goes into everything. Hopefully I will take everything I have learnt here into my next job.

- So, you’ve watched the show before…
I think the show is really great. I enjoyed doing the research. The first episode I saw was ‘The Lost Child’ last series, which had Helen Baxendale in it, which really impressed me as she plays Emily in Friends – and I am a huge Friends fan. She was doing something completely different to what I had seen her in before – in Inspector George Gently she was playing a very gritty character and I thought I absolutely wanted to be involved.

- Do you have an interest in the Sixties?
I have a massive interest in the Sixties which is what predominantly drew me to the part. Being set in the Sixties, the makeup, the hair and costume, props all looks so cool. I love the music from the Sixties which has inspired my next album, including costume. It’s been great to sing a song which was made in the 60s and all the dance moves were so fun to do.

- Tell us about the ‘Shoop Shoop’ Song
Well the ‘Shoop Shoop’ Song is originally by a singer called Betty Everett but has since been covered by loads of other artists. I love the version that was sung by Cher, which my grandfather used to play in his car. But I will be doing my own version of the song.

- What have you enjoyed best during filming?
I’ve enjoyed seeing how it all works, meeting all the crew. Seeing how much goes into everything, all the props… it looks exactly how you imagine the Sixties looked. Also I think my favourite scene shot so far is the one where Megan gets killed. She gets hit over the head with an iron. It was fun putting all the anger and emotion into that scene – it had serious guts!

- What has it been like filming in the North East?
It’s been fun for me. When I come up here on tour it’s usually only for a couple days at a time. It’s been good to come and spend a serious amount of time in the area. The weather isn’t as good as it is in London (where I have supposedly missed out on the hottest day of the year being up here). It was especially bad yesterday, when it was all cold and raining and I was doing a scene where I was completely wet and I had to put my head in the wet sand, so my hair was all wet, making me really chilly. But apart from that it has been really nice. We had a day trip out yesterday to Durham where we got to see the Cathedral and cobbled streets.

- I hear you went to holiday camps when you were young?
Yes I did. I went to a holiday camp when I was really young called Hoburne Holiday Park. I remember loving it, meeting all the other kids, making lots of friends. I even entered the talent competition and had my outfit already – which was a jumpsuit, top hat and cane. I was tap dancing to ‘Cheek To Cheek’ from the movie Top Hat. I did win (but was only up against a few other people) – it was good fun!

- Do you remember the Blue Coats at the camp?
I remember they did have blue coats. We went to one in Devon, when I was three and the other one in Highcliffe, Dorset when I was a bit older. I know they still have them going – they’ll probably find it funny when they find out I’m now playing a Blue Coat.


Posted by prézli on February 7th, 2014

Pixie Lott is keeping a close eye on her laptop as it contains two very valuable assets – a couple of tracks recorded with Calvin Harris.

Pixie visited the Razz HQ yesterday to perform two acoustic numbers and chat to us about funky new single Nasty, which is released on March 9.

But although she decided not to work with any other artists on her latest album, released in the spring, she let it slip that she’d once worked with the superstar DJ, as well as Emeli Sande, before they were global stars.

She said of Dumfries lad Calvin: “Calvin and I worked together ages ago at singer songwriter Cathy Dennis’ house. He is really talented and has blown up massively since then.

“I met him on a radio tour before we were doing lots of stuff and we wrote two songs which I carry about on my laptop.

“I remember Ke$ha telling me she wanted to work with him at the time. They are good tracks but they wouldn’t fit in with my new album.”

Of Emeli she added: “I wrote with Emeli years ago before she was an artist. As a songwriter she came into the studio and worked with me and this guy Lucas. She was also really talented.”

Pixie’s single, which she also recorded as a special version with The Vamps, is getting rave reviews.

It was orignally sung by Christina Aguilera and Ceelo Green for the movie Burlesque but was never released because of difficulties surrounding samples.

Pixie said: “I really wanted it as my first single because it perfectly bridges between this album and my last one. There is a lot of soul and funk in this album which I grew up on and it is very cohesive.

“I have never met Christina but hopefully she’ll hear it soon.”

Pixie recently played at the Brits nomination party and would love to come to one or two of the big Scottish events this year, including Radio 1’s Big Weekend at Glasgow Green on May 24 and 25.

She said: “T in the park I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve never done. It’s one of the festivals a lot of pop singers do so I’d like to make sure I can do it this year.

“I love festivals. I’ve been going to V Festival since I was 15 because it’s near where my family live and still camp now.

“Radio 1’s Big Weekend looks good too and the Commonwealth Games.

“I love sport and I hope my schedule lets me catch some of the action.”

You can see Pixie peforming her acoustic tracks on the Daily Record website.

Daily Record

Posted by prézli on February 6th, 2014

Pixie Lott has opened up on what it was like to film scenes for the BBC drama Inspector George Gently recently.

The singer made her acting debut on the popular crime show and admitted that she was incredibly nervous about taking part, even though she was just playing dead.

Pixie’s body is found on a beach, so she had no lines to deliver and just had to look like a convincing corpse, but even that made her sick with nerves she admitted.

She told The Sun that starring opposite Martin Shaw left her a bundle of nerves and the blonde beauty explained:

“(I was) really nervous. I started acting classes aged five, but I hadn’t done it for such a long time.”

Lott was freezing when she filmed her scene. She was playing dead on a cold beach and periodically staff would pour water over her, to make things look convincing.

She said: “We filmed that scene on a Northumbrian beach.

“It was a horrible wet day, but I still had to be watered down until I was soaked and lie on the damp sand.

“I was shivering so much I had to keep running inside for a blanket to try to warm up between takes.”

We are assuming that somewhere in the series Pixie will get to actually speak, as Inspector George Gently’s producer Matthew Bird revealed that she was cast for her singing and performing ability, as well as her stunning good looks.

He explained:

“We were casting the second film of the new series of Inspector George Gently and were looking for someone to play Megan, an entertainer at the Blue Bird Holiday Camp in 1969. We were looking for an actress that could act, sing and dance and then I saw Pixie acting so brilliantly with Rowan Atkinson in their performance of Goodness Gracious Me (filmed for the NHS Organ Donation ‘From The Heart’ campaign). It was a brilliant remake of the classic Sixties song performed by Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers – and that was it!”

He added:

“Pixie was very excited about joining the cast and we are delighted that Pixie is to make her TV acting debut in Inspector George Gently – we know she will bring something very special to the role.”

The George Gently special will see Gently and Bacchus visiting a family holiday camp to investigate staff and holidaymakers, after the body of a pretty young singer is found on the beach nearby.

The colourful inmates of the holiday camp, from the flamboyant owner and his sister, to the chalet staff, talent acts, lifeguards and of course the holiday makers, throw the investigation sideways as Gently and Bacchus uncover a story of jealousy, ambition and the dark underbelly of the permissive society.

Unreality TV

Posted by prézli on February 4th, 2014

Pixie talks to Alex about fighting off the competition to make her new single Nasty her own. “There was a few other female artists who wanted the song. But here’s where we got the step ahead – there’s loads of samples in the song! We got to record it.”

Pixie performed the song at the BRIT Nominations Party for the first time. She said, “It was incredible to be able to sing Nasty for the first time and perform it. We had a dance routine worked out and I absolutely loved it, it was so much fun. I couldn’t wait for people to hear it finally.”

Speaking about the gigs she did abroad during her time out, she said “Asia is crazy, because it’s so different to back home. It’s a completely different culture and everything looks different and that’s why I like it. Everyone’s so lovely and polite – I love it out there!”

Press play to hear the highlights from the interview.

The Hits Radio

Posted by prézli on January 31st, 2014

Pixie Lott has revealed that she has gained a new knowledge about television, after making her small-screen drama debut in Inspector George Gently.

The All About Tonight singer got a makeover as a 60s go-go girl in the BBC One murder mystery series, where she plays a holiday camp entertainer who aspires to hit the big-time – before she gets killed off.

“It has been really fun. I’ve learnt so much about how it all works,” she told The Sun.

“I had no idea how much details goes into everything. Hopefully I will take everything I have learnt here into my next job.”

The sixth series of the show, starring Martin Shaw as the inspector, begins on February 6. The episode featuring Pixie will be shown on February 13.

Pixie, who has been working on her third album, admitted she was inspired to make her cameo after seeing Helen Baxendale’s guest appearance on the programme.

“I think the show is really great. The first episode I saw was The Lost Child last series, which had Helen Baxendale in it. She was doing something completely different, playing a very gritty character and I thought I absolutely wanted to be involved,” she said.

Yahoo TV UK

Posted by prézli on January 27th, 2014

The Vamps have teased the possibility of another collaboration with Pixie Lott.

The band praised the star for jumping on a remix of their new single ‘Wild Heart’, which was released in the UK yesterday (January 19).

“We have a lot of alternative versions,” frontman Bradley Simpson told Digital Spy. “The one we did with Pixie Lott is great. She smashed the vocals as she’s got an incredible voice.

“We may be on something of her’s,” he teased. “But who would know? You’ll have to wait and see.”

The Vamps’ new single ‘Wild Heart’ follows their previous hit ‘Can We Dance’, which reached number two back in September.

Asked if they’re feeling extra pressure following a successful debut, Simpson explained: “We were so lucky with ‘Can We Dance’, so to replicate that would be insane.

“If it has added any pressure, I don’t think we’re feeling it too much. If it’s a good enough song people will buy it, but if it’s not they won’t.”

‘Wild Heart’ is the second cut to be released from The Vamps’ forthcoming debut album, which is currently scheduled for a release in April.

Digital Spy

Posted by prézli on January 20th, 2014

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