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Jun 20
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As she considers her recently completed third album, Pixie Lott is filled with excitement as she relaxes in the top floor restaurant of a members’ club near her East London home.

The powerfully voiced blonde’s two albums to date – Turn It Up and Young Foolish Happy – have established her as an international star, but on the self-titled third release she’s focusing on the vintage soul that is her first love.

“It’s definitely been my favourite album to make,” Pixie, 23, says. “It’s my favourite type of music. My voice gets more room to breathe. I’ve worked with a smaller group of people, so I got to know everyone well.

“On the other albums, I’ve lived in LA for two months and every day there’d be a different person with different sounds, different writers and producers.

“It was hard to get a rhythm, but with this album there’s been a consistency throughout. It represents me more.”

A product of London’s Italia Conti stage school, Pixie’s talent shone from an early age, but she insists that personal control was always important.

“I was looking online for producers and managers from when I was 11,” she says. “When I signed my deal I was 15. My album didn’t come out until I was 18. I learned so much behind the scenes – I was definitely much more prepared.”

Although she was once a stand-in judge on The X Factor, Pixie never considered the talent show route.

“I always had something in the pipeline,” Pixie says. “But a lot of people don’t have a clue where to start. Those shows are great for people like that.”

Her new single Lay Me Down is a typically gutsy Pixie performance, with an accompanying video flaunting her curves in a bikini. Does she feel that with Miley and Rihanna setting the trend, there’s pressure for female
performers to be more revealing and explicit?

“There’s a lot of artists around expressing themselves in a risqué sort of way,” she says. “I don’t think there’s a pressure if you’re a new artist and want to stand there in a plain black dress. I don’t think people would think it weird.

“You don’t want to give a bad example – at the same time, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and I’m sure there are lots of young girls who feel like Miley Cyrus. They have the same personality and they look up to her because it’s how they want to express themselves as well.

“I do think she is in control and making her own decisions. I don’t think it’s her label or manager saying wear less or do this. I think it’s just who she is.”

Pixie has enjoyed her years of success in the company of her boyfriend of four years, male model Oliver Cheshire, who provides a boon both personal and musical.

“It’s been great,” Pixie says. “He’s my first serious boyfriend and we’ve had loads of fun and good times.

“Before, when I was writing songs, I was imagining how things would be, but now I’ve had experience in a relationship I can write and relate to it so much better. It really helps with writing.

“I can’t think of anything bad to say about him – he’s a good guy who has a great sense of humour.

“I really want to start a family – I am a big family person – but I’m just 23. I think there is so much we both want to do before we get to that.”

Irish Mirror

Jun 20
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A new pop princess took the throne for the very first time five years ago today, spelling the end of Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Power!

It’s always exciting to see the ‘birth’ of a new star, to be right there at the beginning of their chart story. Five years ago today, a new chart tale was just starting out for Essex teenager Pixie Lott, thanks to her insanely catchy debut single Mama Do.

Although she was only 18 at the time of her debut hit, Pixie – real name Victoria – had been bubbling under pop’s radar for quite some time.

After being signed by huge US music producer LA Reid at just 15, Pixie spent her time recording and writing for other artists, biding her time until the day she herself would get her name on a record all of her own.

Mama Do went straight in at the top, deposing Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow from its second (non-consecutive) week at the top. It’s sold almost 350,000 copies.

Mama Do was the first of three chart-toppers for Pixie. Boys And Girls made Number 1 in September 2009 and All About Tonight hit the summit two years later. Pixie has scored 11 Top 40 hits, with seven of them making the Top 10. All About Tonight is her biggest selling single, with over 400,000 copies sold.

Her most recent hit was Nasty, which peaked at Number 9 in March this year. Pixie’s self-titled album – her third – is due for release in August.

Official Charts

Jun 12
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Katy B and The Vamps will be among the acts involved in CBBC’s The Big Performance this year.

The show is returning to CBBC for a third series later this summer, and will see The Choir’s Gareth Malone challenging six of the UK’s most talented children to produce a performance that marks the centenary of the First World War.

Pixie Lott, Conor Maynard and Eliza Doolittle will also help the 11 to 13-year-olds with writing and performing a song that celebrates the memory of their ancestors, ahead of the finale on August 4.

Melissa Hardinge, executive producer for CBBC, said: ‘We are delighted that Gareth Malone is back on CBBC, inspiring a new group of children with this extraordinary songwriting challenge for the World War One anniversary.

“We hope that the series will encourage our young audience to trace their own family histories, and understand the importance of the international commemoration on August 4.”

Previous series have seen Malone bring shy young people together to sing in front of millions at Children in Need and Proms in the Park.

Digital Spy

May 24
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Mariah Carey’s new album Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse is the singer back to her very best. Chanteuse is French for female singer so I interpret the “elusive” subtitle as meaning nobody can touch her – despite pop’s up-and-coming talent.

With its soulful R’n’B hues, inspiration from her old-school days and collaborations with hottest producers and artists of today, she is still very much a living legend. Here’s my take on the album, song by song…

Cry: One of my favourites. Not only does it showcase Mariah’s vocal ability but you can really hear the emotion and the meaning she puts into it. It shows she is all about the storytelling alongside the vocal tricks. This track resembles the sensational vocals in her rendition of Can’t Live Without You and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up knowing we are in for a treat with this album as I hear that classic Mariah sound.

Faded: A beautiful chord sequence opens this song when Mariah teams up with hot property produce Mike WILL Made It, whose name you may recognise from working with Miley Cyrus. My favourite factor of the the verses is the skippy rhythm and the vocal harmony arrangements that flourish throughout- a quality Mariah is know for. This is the first time in the album we encounter a string of her well-known whistle notes as lead ad-libs, decorating the end of the track.

Dedicated: As Mariah was one of the first females to mix R’n’B/pop with hip-hop, it’s perfect that she has capture this flavour again here. The song’s familiarity makes me smile as it oozes the old-school Mariah that we know and love, combined with a catchy sing-along top line.The “La, da, da, de, da, da,da, da” motif that repeats during the track in different ways is a highlight for me and you can’t help but bop your head to this slow jam.

#Beautiful: Miguel and Mariah work exceptionally well together as a duo on this song with their vocal abilities unmatched. This was an R’n’B/soul/pop song of the summer and I’m sure it has the staying power for many summers, festivals and road trips to come with its feel good, throwback appeal.

Thirsty: Sassy Mariah strikes again with some attitude-inflected R’n’B/pop with a big hip-hop twist proving and reminding us who the real diva still is. It has a fun lyric discussing Hollywood, Instagram and Celeb culture, which has an appeal for youth and party people!

Make It Look Good: Bursting in with a unique intro using only a harmonica is the best way to prepare you for an even more unique track. This is one of my favourites on the album with the R’n’B vibes and the fast vocal rhythms that echo the Emancipation of Mimi days,.. The only thing that would top this for me is if Mariah did it live and Stevie Wonder came on stage to play the harmonica! Make it happen.

You’re Mine: The lighted match at the start of this tune instantly intrigues and engages you with another unique sound we are accustomed to from Mariah’s early days. This is definitely a soft and emotional moment on the record but contrasts with an Oriental hook that makes it stand out from the rest.

You Don’t Know What To Do: This begins with special intro vocals and in a flash reminds me of the Eighties soul classic Somebody Else’s Guy by Jocelyn Brown- but with an edge.

Supernatural: This has the most adorable entrance by Mariah’s little ones aka Dembabies, and feels exciting that we have an opportunity to of hearing potential talents of the future- if they indeed take after their parents. There is nothing more endearing for listeners than hearing a personal song with this feature, which shows the new chapter of Mariah’s life and the overwhelming love for her children she is experiencing.

Meteorite: Club track with an interesting and creative, using an Andy Warhol quote. A super fun song for the dancefloor, ending in powerhouse vocals.

Camouflage: I was ecstatic to hear a gospel choir break out properly in the second verse in among the angelic harmonies, too. The lyric “I camouflage my tears” is a heart-wrenching line but aligns with the sweetest melody.

Money ($*/…): This song is already massively catchy from the start with an in-your-face brass sample in at the top right to the finish. I have a feeling this could be a potential single, with the superb collaboration of Mariah and Fabolous. It is an ultimate feelgood tune with a modern take on a retro sound that makes you want to dance.

One More Try: The organ intro fits excellently with Mariah’s fragile opening runs, which ensures she makes this George Michael original her own. Her voice sounds just as incredible as it did in her early days. Mariah has such such success with covers in the past because she puts her own spin on them completely.

Heavenly: An inspirational and uplifting song that Mariah nails, as she did previously in Can’t Take That Away From Me (Mariah’s Theme) but this time with a dirtiness in the track and, of course, concluding with a key change and unbelievable vocals. It is the perfect end to an impressive yet familiar-sounding Mariah album that resembles her early days…but with a fresh twist.

Rating: 5/5

The Sun

May 22
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She was recently pictured looking a little worse for wear after a night out in Cannes but Pixie Lott refuses to stop partying over a few prying eyes.

The Nasty singer said she would not stop ‘living her life’ and has become ‘oblivious’ to paparazzi who might catch her off guard after too many glasses of wine.

‘I think most 23-year-olds like to go out and have fun with their friends,’ Lott told me. ‘If I have work the next day, then obviously I’ll go home early, but if I don’t then I don’t worry about being papped or what the pictures will look like or anything like that. You just have to live your life, I’m so oblivious to all that sort of stuff now.’

Lott said she was merely having a catnap after pictures at the weekend showed her asleep in a taxi with boyfriend Oliver Cheshire, 25. She had spent the day drinking on a yacht on the French Riviera.
‘I mean it was a long day, girls get tired!’ she explained. ‘We had a great time, obviously there were some lovely drinks there, but we were just having fun. When we got a taxi back I had a little catnap and I didn’t realise there were some sneaky photographers hanging around but it’s fine, everyone likes a little catnap here and there.’

Meanwhile, the English beauty admitted she had never been tempted to join her model beau for a fashion campaign.

She said: ‘We’ve never actually spoken about that. We’re signed to the same model agent, I mean never say never but we do like to keep our careers very separate.’

Pixie Lott’s self-titled third album is out August 4.

Go Metro

May 16
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Amber Lounge is thrilled to announce British superstar singer-songwriter, Pixie Lott, as this year’s official Amber Lounge Grand Prix Party headlining live act.

23-year-old Pixie rose to fame in 2009 with her UK no.1 debut single Mama Do (Uh Oh Uh Oh), which was followed up by her debut album, Turn it Up, that spawned five consecutive top 20 singles, and sold over a million copies in the UK. 2 albums and a string of chart-topping hits later, Pixie Lott has established herself worldwide as the next global pop superstar.

Amidst the glamour and excitement of Amber Lounge’s extravagant fashion show and charity auction, Pixie will be performing a medley of her greatest hits and new songs from her upcoming album, aptly titled Pixie Lott.


Amber Lounge

Apr 25
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Polydor will release a soundtrack album for the animated feature “Postman Pat: The Movie”. The album features the songs from the film by the film’s voice cast including Ronan Keating who provides the title character’s singing voice and Rupert Grint. Also included is Peter Gabriel’s Big Time, The Saturdays’ cover of Please Mr Postman, Jessie J’s It’s My Party, The Wanted’s We Own the Night and more songs. Also featured is a suite from the movie’s original score composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams (Over the Hedge, Bee Movie). The soundtrack will be released in the UK on May 19, 2014. Postman Pat: The Movie is directed by Mike Disa (Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil) and also features the voices of Stephen Mangan, Jim Broadbent, Kate Winslet and David Tennant. The film is based on the TV series of the same title and follows Postman Pat as he is facing a moral crisis and enters a national TV talent show competition. The animated feature will be released in the UK on May 23. No word yet on a domestic distribution deal.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Please Mr Postman – The Saturdays
2. Lovin’ Each Day – Ronan Keating
3. Struck By Lightning – Rupert Grint
4. With You – Ronan Keating
5. Big Time – Peter Gabriel
6. Really Happy Postman – Riley Friesen, Derek Mount
7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – Ronan Keating
8. Everything To Me – Shane Filan
9. I Only Want To Be With You – Pixie Lott
10. Move My Way – The Vamps
11. One Of These Days – Shane Filan
12. Lost Generation – Rizzle Kicks
13. It’s My Party – Jessie J
14. We Own The Night – The Wanted
15. The Promise – Girls Aloud
16. Postman Pat Score Suite – Rupert Gregson-Williams
17. Postman Pat – Bryan Daly, Ken Barrie

Film Music Reporter

Apr 23
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Pixie Lott can’t disguise her excitement at returning to the V Festival this summer.

Both as a performer and a music fan, it’s an event she’s been to many times but this year’s festival will be particularly exciting for the Brentwood singer as she’ll be showcasing songs from her new album, as well as playing all her hits.

Having grown up in Brentwood, Pixie, 23, says playing at the V Festival in Chelmsford feels like a home gig and she’s looking forward to another fun-packed weekend at Hylands Park.

“Yeah, I love it. V is my favourite festival to perform at and go to. I’ve been every year since I was 15 or 16. My family still live in Brentwood, so my friends and family always come along to support me – and I can pop home if I want a shower!”

The last time Pixie performed at V was in 2012 but she was at Hylands again last year for Olly Murs’ concert in the park. This time round, she’ll be able to play fans some of the new songs she’s been working hard on.

“I can’t say that I’ll be performing all my new stuff but I’ll definitely do the singles,” she says. “And I’ll do what I always do at V and do a special medley of songs, cover versions, which always goes down well.”

Pixie says she’s particularly looking forward to sharing the stage with her band who’ve helped give her new material more of a soul sound. Last year, she revealed she was taking inspiration from her favourite Motown artists and she’s very pleased with the results with her latest single, Nasty, hitting the top 10 last month.

“It’s more mature, very soulful, it’s a style I really like,” she says of her third album, which is simply called ‘Pixie Lott’. “It’s all recorded, mixed and mastered, it’s just frustrating waiting for it to be released. I just want everyone to hear it now. It’s taken two years to write it and get it done, I just want to sing the songs to people.”

The album is due for release just after the V Festival in mid-August, so Pixie’s appearance at Hylands Park will be a great chance for her fans to her the new songs for the first time live. And for Pixie, it’ll be great to reconnect with her fans live as well as return to one of her favourite stomping grounds, Hylands Park.

“I remember the first time I went to V, I camped with my two best friends and thought it was the best thing ever. I still camp when I perform, it feels like a little holiday weekend. And it seems like V is lucky with the weather, it always seems to be sunny. It’s one of my favourite things about the summer.”

Does Pixie get the chance to get out and about when she’s performing at the V Festival?

“I love getting in among the crowd. I’ve played at the JB Arena, the 4Music Stage, the Main Stage, I’ve done them all. They all have a great buzz and everyone is really excited to be there, enjoying the sun and having a drink. It’s a really cool vibe.

“I always try to see the headliners. I’m a big Justin Timberlake fan so I can’t wait to see him and The Killers this year. In the past I remember seeing Kings Of Leon and one of my favourite memories is seeing MGT. I love the range of acts you get at the V Festival, indie, pop and dance.”

Pixie says it’s always good return to Essex and the V Festival is a good excuse to do that. She may be based in East London now, but she says she comes home to Brentwood regularly to see family and friends and she’s certainly noticed how her home town has changed in the last few years.

“It’s changed a lot since I lived there, because of Towie and all the shops they have there. I think it gets quite a lot of visitors now. It’s quite crazy, it’s a completely different place now. I think a lot of people who come to the bars and clubs are not Brentwood people, but it’s good that people are coming to the town.”

Pixie Lott will be performing at the V Festival at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, over the weekend of August 16-17. For tickets and more information, go to www.vfestival.com

Essex Chronicle

Apr 17
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Bauer Media has launched an Academy to invest in UK talent, based at Key 103 Manchester and Forth One in Edinburgh.

The Bauer Academy, which will also launch a partnership with the University of Salford, has Pixie Lott as an ambassador and Courtnay McLeod MA (Hons), PG Dip, FHEA as Director.

A Media Training Centre of Excellence will launch at Salford Quays this summer, providing a range of accredited training opportunities for local, national and international businesses. The centre will be based at MediaCityUK with additional training facilities at Bauer Media premises across the UK.

Also, in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Media and Culture, pedagogic research will be carried out in the summer of 2014 to explore how the Bauer Academy model can enhance, innovate and strengthen links between industry and education; embedding student learning, enhancing experience and developing essential employability skills

Graham Bryce, Group Managing Director, Place, Northern England and Scotland, Bauer Radio, commented, “I am truly excited to launch the Bauer Academy. It is completely unique in its approach, combining academic excellence with practical vocational expertise, which will make it stand out from other media academies in the UK. The success and feedback from our launch in Scotland has been exceptional, bringing new talent into the business and using our expertise to support our clients’ marketing communications using new and innovative techniques.”

Pixie Lott added: “I am delighted to be the ambassador for the Bauer Academy’s talent programme. It gives young people a remarkable opportunity for development inside the industry with training that builds confidence and creativity. It’s been a pleasure to meet the students – there’s a real buzz around how they are learning.”

Radio Today

Apr 16
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Pixie Lott always forgets to remove her make-up.

The singer – who is dating model Oliver Cheshire – insists that she’s awful at washing her cosmetics off her face at the end of the night and often wakes up to find ”crusty” bits of her eye make-up dried up on her skin.

She said: “I often sleep in my make-up and wake up with crusty mascara over my face.”

However, when she’s getting ready for a night out she doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting her look.

Pixie explained: “I’m quite good at not spending too long [getting ready for a night out]. If I only have five minutes, I’ll quickly spritz some Batiste Dry Shampoo to add volume, apply some cream blusher and do a quick eyeliner flick. Mind you, I am always late for everything. It’s one of my worst habits.”

The blonde beauty also admits she’s not used fake tan since she was 15, but is lucky that she tans well naturally when she’s able to soak up the sunshine.

She explained to heat magazine: “I haven’t fake tanned since I was 15, as I tan quite well naturally. In fact, my record label had a go at me when I was on holiday last year, as I had to shoot my new album cover when I got back and they didn’t want me looking too tanned.”


Mar 27
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London soul-pop singer Pixie Lott is still an unknown entity in the U.S. – she’s about to release her third studio album and has yet to chart in America. However, the 23-year-old songstress continues collecting hits in her native country, most recently with her single “Nasty,” which peaked at No. 9 on last week’s U.K. singles chart after being officially released overseas earlier this month.

Co-written by Cee Lo Green and Jack Splash, “Nasty” was originally earmarked for Christina Aguilera, to be used in her 2010 vehicle film “Burlesque.” Three years later, Lott scooped up the long-forgotten song to demonstrate a shift towards what she describes as “current soul” music on her new album, “Pixie Lott,” due out overseas on May 12.

“I first heard it and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this would be perfect to have as the bridge between my last album and this album,'” says Lott of “Nasty,” which she recorded in Miami. “It’s really fresh, but has got some old-school samples in it.”

“Pixie Lott” follows a string of UK. hits for Lott, including “Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh),” “Boys and Girls” and “All About Tonight” (“Boys and Girls” is her biggest seller in the U.S. with 20,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan). Lott took a prolonged break from performing last year to work on the follow-up to 2011’s “Young, Foolish, Happy” primarily in London and New York, and named it “Pixie Lott” because, out of all of her albums, this one best captures her personality.

“This album represents me the most out of all of my albums,” Lott says. “My last album had some dance tracks and some soul tracks, but this one is more centered.”

Lott adds that the new soul songs suit her vocal ability, and that she is looking forward to performing them when she heads back on the road. She’s already performed “Nasty” at a handful of U.K. television stops (she’s also staying busy as the new face of Batiste Shampoo) and can’t wait to show off the “fuller” live experience that the songs of “Pixie Lott” will showcase.

“I can have a full band and brass section, and some of the songs have a gospel choir, so I can’t wait to do that,” she says. “What I’ve missed in the couple last of years is playing shows, which is my all-time favorite thing. I can’t wait to do that with this album.”

And although no U.S. shows have been planned yet, Lott says that she wants some stateside dates to materialize, someday. “I’d love to come over there and play shows!”


Mar 21
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Pixie Lott was only 14 years old when she wrote her debut album, Turn It Up. Five years after her first single ‘Mama Do’ went straight to number one and two albums later, the popstar is back and soon to release her self-titled third album, Pixie Lott.

The lead single ‘Nasty’, which was released last week, is a contemporary take on an old school vibe. The entire album was inspired by the 60s and 70s Motown that Pixie grew up listening to, namely legends such as Candi Staton and Otis Reading.

Both the video, which was chiefly inspired by an iconic scene from Dirty Dancing, and the album artwork show off a new edgier and perhaps more risqué Pixie who, now in a relationship, feels like she can now really relate to those more personal subject matters which she has been writing about since her teens.

Ahead of the release of the forthcoming album, we caught up with the 23-year-old talent to talk style, working on the album and sex.

I spent the last couple of years writing and recording this album and it’s the first one I have done that has a cohesive sound. My last album was a mixture of soul and electro/dance. Basically the style of the music is a mix of what I grew up listening to, soul music from the 60s and 70s, and the artist that I am. So while it’s quite current sounding it’s ultimately very inspired by soul. That’s why I self-titled it because I think it’s the most me, and it’s the style that I love the most. So I’m excited I got to make this album.

I think the two artists I’ve listened to the most while writing this album are Candi Staton and Otis Reading, they’ve been my two favourites. I’ve listened to them a lot over the past couple of years as well as while growing up.

Lyrically it was just anything I fancied writing about – different situations I’ve been in, experiences I’ve had. I feel like soul music, a lot of it is about heartbreak, or something that you want to sing from the soul. Those kinds of topics are the most emotional, the most soulful, so naturally a lot of the stuff I’ve written for this album is in that vein.

Yeah, I think so. I have been in a relationship while working on this album whereas I wasn’t for my first and second. Anything that’s about love, whether good or bad, I feel like I can relate to it on a whole different level now. When I started writing my first album I was about 14, so I would always write about what my friends had been through or what I thought it would feel like. Now I can really relate to it all.

Yeah definitely, I think this album represents me the best. It’s more my kind of vibe.

No it wasn’t actually. The song’s called ‘Nasty’ so we had to do something fitting. When I was writing the treatment the inspiration for it was actually Dirty Dancing the movie; in particular the scene when Baby first walks into a room where they’re all dancing and she drops the watermelons because she’s shocked. She sees all these people dirty dancing with each other and it’s all sweaty and underground, a completely new. That was the main inspiration. We also had this innocent vibe, and then by the end everyone’s dancing and getting involved. We had a scene with me and my two friends walk down the street to the party, it was meant to be a more prim and proper look however it actually ended up looking really Clueless because there were three of us and we were all dressed up, there’s only a few flashes of that scene though so blink and you might miss it.

I’m always involved in my styling. I have a really great stylist called Abigail and she comes in and brings a selection of clothes and I’ll just pick my favourite things. I’ve always liked 60s style and I’ve been able to really embrace it with this album because of the sound. I like looks which are quite classic but quirky as well.

I don’t feel like it’s too expected. It definitely is happening a lot at the moment. I think those who have a raunchy, revealing style aren’t pressured into it, it’s not the label forcing them into it. I feel like that’s exactly what they want to do and it’s more or less their idea, they want to express themselves that way. I think men and women are equal and if some girls want to express themselves like that then they can.

Yeah I think there is criticism around women in the industry, and men, there is just criticism in general. Artists are definitely taking more risks and doing what they want to do.

I’m most excited for the album finally being out and people being able to hear what I’ve been working on. The release goes hand in hand with doing loads of shows so I’m looking forward to performing live, because of the sound of the album I can have a big band and have a brass section which I never have before. The first time I performed ‘Nasty’ was on The Jonathan Ross Show recently and that was so much fun, I hope I get to do that loads. So excited to just tour with this sound and the band and let people hear me play live in that way and go travelling with it. That’s it really, just really excited for people to hear the rest of the album.

Pixie Lott’s self-titled album will be out on 12 May.


Mar 11
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Students at Ravens Wood School in Bromley got a fantastic surprise today when Pixie Lott dropped in to assembly.

The pop star, who grew up in the area, performed three tracks. But the real reason for her visit wasn’t to promote her new single – it was to support a campaign calling for compulsory cardiac screening for young people.

Every week, 12 young people lose their lives to sudden cardiac death in the UK. And 80% of them have shown absolutely no previous symptoms.

Just three years ago Ravens Wood School lost one of its own pupils to sudden cardiac death. Ben Daniels, 15, collapsed without warning while playing football in 2011.

His father Paul has now set up a fund to pay for other students at the school to be screened for heart defects.

And he’s confident that Pixie’s visit will drive home the importance of screening to Ben’s contemporaries.


Mar 10
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According to Metro.co.uk, Pixie’s third album “Pixie Lott” will be released on Monday, May 12th. Read the article below.

Pixie Lott says she’s not as Nasty as she makes out after admitting a topless segment in her comeback pop video was just an illusion.

The 23-year-old blonde admits she likes to tease her fans but puts a limit on ever kicking off her kecks and going the Full Monty.

‘I wouldn’t go completely naked. I’m not that kind of person. I couldn’t do it. It would be too embarrassing. Especially the whole body… it would be too far,’ she blushed in an exclusive chat with Guilty Pleasures.

Revealing the secret to her new pop clip where she seemingly sings topless while holding a handbag to cover her breasts, she admitted: ‘I know it looks like I’m naked, but I am actually wearing something behind the bag. It just gives an illusion.’

Lott is also seen writhing around with a group of attractive music lovers in her video as well, but how does this make her long-term boyfriend, fashion model Oliver Cheshire, feel? ‘Oliver is fine with my videos. It’s the same as acting. You’re just in the role, like a character in a film,’ she says.

‘He understands as he has to do it with shoots as well.’

With Nasty out today, Lott kicked off a week of extensive promo with a storming performance at London’s G-A-Y on Saturday night, wearing a fluffy bra and hot pants.

And her diary is filled to the brim ahead of the release of her eponymous album on May 12.

‘I don’t really have days off at the moment. But I like that because it means I am doing all I can,’ she explained.

‘I definitely celebrated after G-A-Y as I was on such a high.

‘I was with all my friends. We had more than a few cocktails.’


Mar 6
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Pixie Lott really had to fight hard to release her new single.

It wasn’t her record label putting the project on hold that was the problem, but rather the numerous samples in her upcoming single ‘Nasty’, she tells Digital Spy in the video interview below.

The track was originally recorded by Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green for 2010 movie Burlesque, but they abandoned the song after facing legal issues.

However, that didn’t deter Lott when she was given the opportunity to re-record the cut for her upcoming self-titled album, and her team were finally successful in clearing all of the song’s samples.

‘Nasty’ will be released in the UK on March 9 and new album Pixie Lott will follow later in the year.

Digital Spy

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