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Pixie Lott’s doll range out this summer
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Simba Smoby’s Marketing Manager Alex Kovacevic told Toys ‘n’ Playthings that Pixie’s fashion doll range “Magical Dreams” with toy brand Steffi Love will be in the stores in July.

“The range will launch with a huge PR, print and TV advertising campaign in July, and will be in the public’s eye line all the way through to Christmas. We have a massive array of competitions for memorabilia and concert tickets, live events with Pixie, radio, print and TV interviews and exclusive collaborations and mini-campaigns. The product is extremely well priced to give costumers excellent value for money. RRPs will range between £3.99 and £14.99.”

The collection will include 4 dolls: Mystical Beauty Mirror, Magical Mermaids, Fairytale Princess and Enchained Fairy.

“This year’s range is called ‘Magical Dreams’ and it really encompasses all the wonderful and fantastic things little girls dream of. The TV ad will see Pixie in a CGI fantasy world on a journey of discovery, with the most fabulous elements transposed into real toys in the Steffi Love with Pixie Lott doll line. Pixie had a lot of creative input. The TV ad is based on her magical childlike dreams and daydreams and the dolls are taken from that world.”

Pixie was unveiled as the new ambassador for Steffi Love at the London Toy Fair in January. In case you missed it, check out the pictures from the event here.