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Pixie Lott reveals she’s working with Jay Z’s producers on new album
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The Kiss The Stars singer, 23, struck up a friendship with the Biebs, 20, while partying in Cannes together and hopes their current recording schedules will match up.

‘He is on another scale! I think he is actually really talented,’ the Essex beauty gushed of Bieber to Metro in an exclusive chat.

‘He said he was going to have some time off to chill a bit, but he said he can’t wait to get back and start on a new album. I think he might be starting at the same time as me on my album. So could we end up in the same studio at the same time? Maybe,’ she teased.

Lott also revealed she is calling on the past to work with producers from Jay Z’s Roc Nation company to create her fourth studio album after originally being signed to one of 44-year-old Jay’s labels.

‘I met Jay Z back in the day when I was 15 and I sang for him,’ she explains.

‘When I was first signed to Universal, I was signed to the Island Def Jam where Jay Z worked. I did a showcase and he was there,’ she continues.

‘I remember my mum turning round and going “oh my god! Jay Z is over there!” Apparently he was moving. He was into it! It was ages ago, but I hope he would remember.’