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Namie Amuro releases “Sweet Kisses”
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Namie Amuro’s music video for “Sweet Kisses” has premiered. The song, which was written by Pixie Lott, is out as the B-side of her new single “Brighter Day” tomorrow. You can read the lyrics of the song below.

Sweet kisses, lay them on my lips
Your sweet sweet hands get wrapped around my hips
Feel my loveliness
Know you’re gonna like this
Non-stop candy shop
I’m full of surprises

When the lights flick flicker
You won’t know what hit ya
Baby when I come around
I’m gonna bewitch ya
I’ll make you my prisoner
Then I’m gonna go to town

You want my sweet kisses
And you want my love
I’m what you’ve been dreaming of

So get ready for me
Take a piece of my heart
I’ll tempt you
Try out what you see
I’m reeling you in
Let the fun begin
I got you to get you on my string
So sweet to you, so sweet to me
We get such a rush that we o.d.
So sweet to you, so sweet to me
It’s never tasted so sweet

The clocks tick ticking
And the sun’s beginning
To fade away into the night
Now I’m getting anxious
To crawl under the blankets
Next to you and hold you tight

I want some sweet kisses
And I need your love
You know what I’m dreaming of

Sweet kisses, sweet kisses…