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Stills: Strictly Come Dancing – Episode 8
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I have added some stills from the eighth episode of Strictly Come Dancing to the gallery.

The judges’ comments:

Craig: “I absolutely loved that split drag at the beginning. The performance is exquisite. Yes your rumba could have had more pressure, but I loved it.”
Darcey: “It was good, you’re so relaxed and natural. I’m going to be a bit tough on you, as I expect a lot from you – I’d like more physicality and tension throughout your body. You’ve got it, so you’ve got to flaunt it.”
Len: “It was a lovely routine. It lacked a bit of fundamental rumba. I saw three forward walks, but there was a lot of posing going on. Your dancing was beautiful, but I wanted to see more rhumba, which I could recognise.”
Bruno: “Well, what I saw was the most wonderful mood for love appearing in this studio. Your interpretation, and the way you played it was risky. People in the rhumba don’t do that, but you’ve done it beautifully. What’s wrong tonight with the hips? When you do the basics in the rumba, like dragging your feet through the sand, there has to be the resistance. It lacked that.”

TOTAL: 32/40