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‘It’s too early to get married’: Pixie Lott reveals she is not ready to wed
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They have been dating for a more than two years but Pixie Lott has revealed she is not yet ready to tie the knot with dashing lover Oliver Cheshire just yet – as she slipped into a little white dress.

Milk lover Pixie stunned in the all white Camilla and Marc mini-dress, certainly not a hint to her beau about getting wed, but simply because she was launching a new white mobile phone.

And the 22-year-old revealed to MailOnline that she had much more important things on her mind, including planning her sister’s hen do and concentrating on her new album, which will have a distinctive Motown vibe.

Pixie was at Phones 4u on Thursday morning to unveil the brand new BlackBerry Z10, with Phones 4u offering it in white before anyone else.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline the pint-sized pop princess revealed her sister got engaged on a family holiday over the New Year period.

‘It was a really good way to go into the new year because everyone was really happy. She got engaged while we were away and we were skiing so it just made it really lovely, everyone was really happy.

‘I’ve been made maid of honour I’ve been told, which is quite a task because I’m not the most organised of people. I’ve got to organise the hen night and stuff so I’ll get a bit of help off people like my Mum and stuff.

‘It’s going to be so much fun, I can’t wait just to have a wedding in the close family. It’s going to be fun.’

But the Kiss The Stars singer certainly isn’t in any hurry to tie the knot herself, telling MailOnline: ‘I think it’s too early yet. I still feel quite young to do that kind of stuff. But definitely at the moment all the focus is on my sister and her wedding.

‘They’re just starting to get a house together and I can’t wait for her to have babies.’

Lott was busy on Thursday morning promoting the new Blackberry device, dressed in head to toe white to coincide with the colour of the phone.

She even wore a white bow around her locks and complimented it with a white ring to ensure she was in keeping with the theme.

And she admitted she couldn’t wait to try out the new smartphone after being one of the first to test it out.

But for the petite singer her life at the moment is about creating music and she’s been busy in the studio over the last few weeks.

The star revealed album number three is more of a Motown vibe.

‘It’s exciting so the whole album’s going to be more that kind of style which is my favourite so I’m very excited to release some stuff from it. It’s really fun, I’m writing pretty much every day just to get it done so it will be out this year.

‘I don’t know if they’ll be surprised because they know that’s the kind of stuff that I love and I’ve kind of hinted at in the past so I want the whole thing to just sound that way. So I don’t think they’ll be surprised and I think it will sound more suited to me. I think hopefully they’ll just enjoy it,’ the blonde star added.

Pixie lives in Brentwood and has links to a few of the TOWIE stars thanks to her brother’s friendship with them.

But when asked if she would ever go down that route herself, she shook her head, before commenting: ‘My brother’s friends with a couple of people from the show and it’s just a great opportunity for them to have a great time and earn some money, so if you wanted to do proper serious singing or acting I don’t think you could go there.’

The singer, meanwhile, has been busy with her philanthropy work when she’s not been concentrating on her new music, even taking a trip to Zambia for Comic Relief in December.

Speaking of the trip she added to the MailOnline: ‘I went just before Christmas in December and basically I went and visited all the slums to see the work Comic Relief is doing and it was amazing.

‘Everyone there is just so thankful and grateful. We just saw the difference it makes, you know, when people donate money so it was really good for me to see with my own eyes.’

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