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Pixie Lott talks about her new album, her love of Motown and Rihanna
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Her name matches her character. British songstress Pixie Lott is sweet and young-at-heart, the kind of girl you fall in love with the minute she smiles or giggles.

The 21-year-old starlet stepped into showbiz in 2009 with her debut album Turn It Up. Her soulful, raspy voice flavours her pop tunes uniquely. Her first single Mama Do went straight to the top of UK singles chart after it was released. Her second album, Young Foolish Happy, was launched a year ago and features a single we get to hear frequently in clubs around the city – sassy dance number Kiss The Stars.

After showcasing in other countries around this region, the pop star made her first stop in Bangkok earlier this month as a special performer for Siam Paragon’s 7th Anniversary Party.

When did you realise you had a passion for singing?
From a really young age, I’ve always been singing. I just love music.

Is that why you went straight to music school?
Yes, when I heard there was a school you can go to where you don’t have much work to do, just dance and sing, I was like, “I have to go there.”

You are now working on your third studio album. How is it going?
Yes, it’s going good. We’ve got more than half of it done. We’re going to finish it by the end of 2012. It’s going to be more of the Motown, soulful sound. The whole album is going to be more like that. I’m excited it’s going to be my third album, now that I’m 21.

Is it more like your hit single Cry Me Out from your debut album?
Yes, it’s going to be more that way.

Why Motown and who’s your favourite singer?
It’s my favourite. I like most of Motown stuff. I love Otis Redding, Candi Staton, Aretha Franklin, and loads of people.

You also write your own songs. If you could claim a song as your own, which would that be?
That’s difficult. Well, I love Stevie Wonder, so maybe I would choose his song Lately. That’s my favourite.

You are also a fashion lover. You look fashionable today, especially your accessories.
These are the accessories I designed for a brand called Rock N’ Rose. There are a lot of cattish, floral designs. It just came out recently and sells online, so it can be shipped anywhere.

Who is your number-one fashion designer?
Chanel. Very amazing and classic.

Two years ago, you toured with Rihanna. What’s she like?
She’s very nice, very friendly. I like her new song Diamonds. She performed this song on The X Factor UK few days ago. She performed it as a ballad, and she really acted it. She’s just amazing.

Now that you mention The X Factor, you have been a guest judge on the show. What do you think about this type of singing competition?
It’s crazy in the UK. Most of the singers in the chart have come from The X Factor. It’s hard for new acts to break through at the moment. It’s definitely taking over. But, it’s crazy because this last show the rating has been going down so much compared to the previous years. I’m not sure why. Maybe it becomes predictable, people know how it works and the judges say the same things. But, even though the rating is going down, but I’m pretty sure it will be among the most-watched shows. They will always be around.

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