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Lott: People think I’m not talented
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Pixie Lott wants to clear up misconceptions that she’s just a pretty face – saying she writes her own music too.

The 21-year-old singer, who has enjoyed chart success with hits such as Mama Do, Boys And Girls and All About Tonight, admitted critics don’t always realise that she has talent.

“People who haven’t bought my album or seen me live, they think things like I don’t write my own music or [don’t know] I worked my way up since I was 13 to get into the music industry,” she said.

Pixie – whose performance at MTV Presents Titanic Sounds will be shown on MTV UK on May 5 – is beginning work on her third album.

“I’m going to start putting some ideas together soon. I just want to go back into the Motown and soul vibe. I would like to make the album with that whole sound, because that’s the music that I love,” she continued.

And she would like to work with some legends again on the record.

“I’ve been lucky to do a few that I loved like Stevie Wonder, John Legend and Lionel Richie. They’re a couple of greats that I’ve always wanted to duet with so it would be great to work with them again for my next album,” she said.

“But also, it would be fun to explore some up-and-coming new talent. I did a collaboration with one of my friends, Michael Duke, from performing school, so for my next record, I’d love to duet with him.”

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