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Jan 10
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Jan 5
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Pixie and Oliver are still in Mauritius. The couple was photographed visiting a waterfall yesterday. Pictures are in the photo gallery.

Jan 5
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The pint-sized pop star, who turns 21 this month, admitted when she was younger she dreamed of being a princess but it’s a wish her mum is still hoping will come true.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine, she said: ‘Someone asked me once if I’d like to be a princess, and I was like, “Yes, wouldn’t any girl?” Now I think my mum would quite like me to get together with Prince Harry!’

Prince Harry may well be on the cards for Pixie as she likes a man to have good manners, although she claims she isn’t too bothered about what the standards are in the looks department.

She explained: ‘It’s personality all the way. It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are, if you’re boring and have nothing to say, or arrogant, that would be it. That’s the worst. I like guys who are gentlemanly, have manners and are funny. That makes anyone better-looking.’

It seems Pixie’s boyfriend Oliver’s model looks are wasted on the All About Tonight singer then, but at least he made an impression on her with his sense of humour when they met.

The couple first set eyes on each other at a fashion show and then became firm friends before their friendship blossomed into something more.

She added: ‘It was at a Vivienne Westwood show for fashion week a few years ago. Someone introduced us and then we started talking and realised we got on really well. You know when you meet someone and they’re really warm and friendly? He was like that. So we became friends and it went from there.’

And it seems she’s already dreaming of a white wedding as she went on to describe her perfect big day: ‘It’s always been something I’ve wanted because my mum and dad have been together for years and years.

‘But it’s not like I grew up dreaming about it. I’m really traditional about it, though. I would want my dad to walk me down the aisle, and I’d take the guy’s last name.”

Meanwhile, Pixie also ruled out ever using social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook to vent her anger. Instead, like a true professional, she told she’d always pick up a pen and a notebook and let it all out in songwriting.

‘It helps to be in a sad mood. Say you’ve had an argument with a friend, your mum, your boyfriend… It makes me want to write it down. I get annoyed when people are selfish, and I get really annoyed when people use Twitter and Facebook to show off about themselves.’

Read the full Pixie Lott interview in the February issue of Cosmopolitan on sale now.


Jan 5
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Jan 2
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I’ve added pictures of Pixie and Oliver enjoying their holiday in Mauritius on January 1st.

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